About Us

George Benzie, Asst. Principal
Betsy Gavron, Principal
George and I make up the administrative team of Wayland Middle School.  For ten years I taught math alongside a wonderful team of teachers, many of whom are still here today.  Now, heading into my eighth year as an administrator here, I definitely consider WMS to be my professional  home.  I am thrilled to have as my professional partner, Assistant Principal George Benzie.  George is a tremendous educator and leader.  George has had extensive teaching and administrative experience in both private and public school settings including Roxbury, Bellingham, Wellesley, Belmont and Malden. With a combined 40 years spent in  education we have a deep respect and understanding of the hard work that our teachers do every day.  We aim to help our teachers reflect on their craft and think deeply about their students.  George and I both  truly delight in this age group of students.  Daily we experience moments that warm our hearts.  Whether it is new sixth graders sporting  their Henry, David or Thoreau cluster T-Shirts or watching a group of 8th graders at recess inviting a newcomer to WMS to join in a game of catch, we simply love being with Middle Schoolers and the unpredictability that comes with it.